The first dishwasher to actually target dishes

Prototype 2



  • Low Cost 3D Mapping

    • Using proprietary technology, the prototype is capable of knowing the location of dishes

    • Tested for a variety of materials including: Porcelain (colored, white), Glass, Metal

  • Expandable Computing Platform

    • Machine Learning and WiFi Integration ready

  • Running Water

    • Software controlled water flow


truly water efficient

  • Dishie can use up to 10x less water than a standard dishwasher. Traditional dishwashers operate with what we like to call a "spray and pray" technique; a water jet spins spraying water around, hoping to clean the dishes. This is inefficient and can often leave dishes dirty. Dishie intelligently targets the dishes and ensures the right amount of water is used in the right spot- every time.

Hassle Free

  • Only 1 button to run the perfect load every time, Dishie does the rest.

load what you want

  • No longer do you need a full (or even quarter full!) dishwasher to run. Stop worrying about filling up your dishwasher before you run it.



Batuhan Erturk

Co-Founder & CEO

Carnegie Mellon University

B.S in Mechanical Engineering

B.S in Business Administration

Private Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Financial Audit Experience at Ernst Young

Operations Management at Renault

Drew Bermudez

Co-Founder & CTO

Carnegie Mellon University

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Fluids Design Engineering Experience at Fluidmaster

Project Engineering Experience at II-VI Optical Systems


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Dishie is currently still under development: because of this, we like to keep some of our magic hidden. If you're an investor and would like to learn more about our technology/business model or see prototype visuals, please contact us at


We think changing the future with advanced AI and robotics is pretty exciting- and hope you might agree. To share any thoughts or ask us any questions, shoot us an email at and you'll be sure to hear back from us. Thanks for sharing our passion!